Top 5 B2B lead generation challenges for IT businesses


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The biggest challenges regarding B2B lead generation for IT companies can be summarized as: getting in touch with the target audience (36%), getting a predictable number of leads (38%) and setting up customer engagement campaigns (31%). In this blog, we dive into the top 5 most important challenges for IT companies regarding B2B lead generation.

1. Defining a strategy or engaging with potential leads

Of all B2B marketing departments, 42.1% state that they consider determining a strategy or approaching potential leads to be their most important lead generation challenge. The needs of your target audience are constantly changing due to developments and trends within the industry. Finding the right online marketing strategy is therefore a challenge (Leadforensics). One way to meet this challenge is by identifying your ideal customer. This is why we start each collaboration with a strategic session. Our online marketing strategists identify the ideal buyer persona for your IT company, based on the industry they are in, how they collaborate, certain actions they take or a process they go through. Based on the ideal customer, we look at what topics are trending in the industry, create content for this (white papers, eBooks) and offer it to potential leads.

2. Have enough / the right people to generate leads

No matter how good your strategy is, if you don’t have the right people to execute it, you’re never going to generate the right leads. A study conducted by recruitment and selection agency SchaalX, showed that within online marketing there are 7x more vacancies than people. Which means that most of the time the right online specialists to professionally execute your strategy are not readily available.

One way to solve this issue is to outsource your company’s lead generation activities to an online marketing agency. At Leadgate Europe we provide lead generation based on the Marketing as a Service model. For a fixed monthly fee you get access to an external team of online marketing specialists, meaning that for the price of a single employee you can get access to an entire team.

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3. Measuring the results of your lead generation

After implementing the right strategy and having the right people in place, measuring your lead generation success comes in third. For 31.2% of B2B marketing departments, this is a challenge, especially knowing which should be the right metrics to monitor and analyze the achieved results (RAIN Group).

To solve this challenge look at the different steps of the marketing and sales funnel. Optimization of your marketing and sales funnel leads to more orders for your IT business. Percentage-wise, there is more profit to be made at the beginning of your combined funnel: this way you will get more revenue from your marketing campaigns.

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4. The funding of B2B lead generation activities (budget)

In a study by BrightTALK regarding B2B lead generation, 53% of all B2B marketers indicated that more than half of their budget is allocated to B2B lead generation. Not surprisingly on the other hand, 61% of those surveyed indicated a lack of resources (staff, budget and time) as their biggest barrier to B2B lead generation.

One solution for IT resellers is to request Market Development Funds (MDF) from their IT vendor. Parties that make MDF available are: Cisco, Microsoft, Fortinet, Check Point, F5 Networks, Juniper, Aruba Networks, VMware, Citrix, HPE and more. With the MDF made available, partners can conduct sales and marketing programs (including B2B lead generation), with the goal of selling the vendor’s IT services easier and more.

5. Converting leads to customers

Not all generated leads have an immediate buying intention. In fact, the buyer journey within B2B is quite complex. Gartner research shows that more than three-quarters (77%) of B2B decision making units (DMUs) indicate that the last purchase was quite complex. So it is essential to nurture your generated leads and help them through the buyer journey. Of all B2B companies, 74% see lead nurturing and conversion as a top priority (Business2community).


One way to increase your conversion rate from lead to customer is to apply Marketing Automation and follow up your leads effectively. Below you will find more information about Marketing Automation and tips for following up with leads.

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