LinkedIn Advertising for IT: 10 Best Practices


Linkedin advertising for IT - 10 best practices

LinkedIn is one of the largest business networks globally and is therefore ideal to advertise on for companies that focus on the B2B market. With the advertising possibilities of LinkedIn you can bring your message to the attention of your specific target audience in a professional way. This is perfect for IT businesses with a specific target audience! But what is the most effective way to do this?

The 10 best practices

When you first start with LinkedIn Advertising, it can be quite overwhelming. But with these tips, you can get off to a really good start.

1. Use Leadgen Forms

With LinkedIn Leadgen Forms you make sure that your target audience can convert very easily and quickly. This is because it automatically fills in all the information. LinkedIn does this based on the profile of the user. Because most of it is filled out automatically, you lower the threshold for people to convert because it is simple and fast. The qualitative part comes mainly from the correct and up-to-date information you collect. People keep their LinkedIn profile up to date to stay relevant for recruiters and find jobs that fit their current work experience.

2. Don't ask for too much data

Even though a lot of data is filled out automatically in a Leadgen Form, you don’t want to ask for too much information from your target audience. Many people are becoming more conscious about how their data is used and asking for too much of it can scare them off. Of course you want to avoid that. So think carefully about what information you really need from a lead in order to convert them into a customer later on.

3. Make it personal

There is a lot of advertising on LinkedIn. It is therefore important to stand out. You can do this by making your ads personal: for instance focus your ads specifically on your target audience job function. This ensures that they feel addressed and also that they are more likely to respond to them. When you personalize your ads your target audience feels that your message will most likely be relevant to them.

4. Determine your DMU

Your DMU (Decision Making Unit) is the group of people who make the decisions within your target audience. Who does the DMU consist of in your target group? What positions do they hold? Focus your campaigns on these people to get more results out of your efforts.

5. Start with a high bid

Of course everyone wants the best results for less money, but it is not smart to start with a low bid in a new campaign. This is because campaigns learn on their own where they can get the most results, but this is only possible if they have been shown to a large audience. So to give your campaign the opportunity to learn as much as possible about your target audience, we recommend starting with a high bid. This way your ads will be shown more, you will get more clicks and a higher quality score. This will result in a lower CPC, allowing you to adjust your bid downwards without having to compromise on performance.

6. Set the right conversions

Are you launching a campaign for website visits on LinkedIn? Then set the right conversions to be able to measure the results, for example how much time was spent on the landing page, a completed form or a sale. This is important for you, to know what results you are achieving with your campaign, but also for the campaign, so it can learn which individuals are most likely to convert. Then the campaign can show the ad to similar individuals.

7. Match your content to push marketing

LinkedIn Advertising is a form of push marketing, where information is displayed/pushed to the user without being asked. It is therefore often best used at the beginning of the funnel, for users who are in the initial phase of their purchase. So match the content of your ads accordingly. It may be that a user has never heard of your company, service or product. So a little introduction is often recommended.

8. Use a landing page

Creating a landing page that matches the content of your ad can help boost conversion rates. The space available within an advertisement is limited. On a landing page you can communicate and show more about your product or service in your own style. This provides a better reflection of what you stand for and is more likely to convince the user to choose you.

9. Use the remarketing possibilities of LinkedIn

When you have run a good initial campaign, you can also re-target these people through LinkedIn’s remarketing possibilities. This way you can reach people who are a bit further down the funnel in the right way and perhaps encourage them to take that final step.

10. Optimize continuously

Optimization is a constant process. The environment is constantly changing: this means you should never stop A/B testing. That is the only way to test if what you do can be improved. You can do A/B tests with the visuals, headlines or descriptions, in order to achieve an even better result.

How does Leadgate help?

We target your specific audience on LinkedIn to show your ads to the right people within a company, based on job functions, industry, company size or education. In doing so, we use Leadgen Forms so you get more quality leads.

Do you want to grow your IT business? Via LinkedIn Advertising or another channel? Our specialists are ready for you! Get in touch with us.

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