B2B Marketing-as-a-Service agencies Leadgate Europe and Side&Kick join forces


Aankondiging samenwerking Leadgate Europe en Side&Kick

The Dutch IT, Tech and Saas focused online marketing agency, Leadgate Europe, acquires the complex B2B-oriented marketing agency Side&Kick in Belgium. Both organisations are joining forces and will strengthen each other as individual sister companies under the parent organisation Funnel Group. 

Both Side&Kick and Leadgate Europe already offer versatile marketing subscriptions to the market with the Marketing-as-a-Service concept. Both organisations support B2B organisations in further maturing and professionalizing their marketing department, where speed of action, agility, and ultimately the tangible results of marketing improves. Marketing-as-a-Service is a predictable subscription formula where a company gets access to various marketing experts for a flat fee. The biggest benefits are that budgets are easy to calculate due to the flat fee and that the implementation is flexible. This form of marketing service is an emerging and highly demanded alternative to traditional marketing services. 

Jordi Lingen, managing director at Leadgate Europe ‘Within B2B there are still a lot of companies who could and should bring their marketing to the next level. Some organisations don’t know where to start and some have the ideas, but do not have the operational capacity to execute. Sjors Teeuwen, founder at Leadgate Europe, ‘These are the exact reasons why we once started Leadgate Europe. We help organisations in a scalable way to become successful in marketing, by offering an all in one Marketing-as-a-Service solution. This is where we have a direct mutual vision and resemblance with Side&Kick in the way we both support our customers. 

Also from Side&Kick’s side, a match was quickly made.

Sophie Makker, co-founder of Side&Kick: ‘Through a potential customer, we came across Leadgate Europe and their existing Marketing-as-a-Service approach immediately caught our attention. We discovered a lot of similarities between our companies and decided to have a conversation. Our visions clearly align strongly with each other and we pursue the same goals. Moreover, we also have a personal ‘click’! Yorick Vingerhoets, co-founder of Side&Kick, said: “Side&Kick was founded in the summer of 2021 and it therefore still a young company in full development. By joining forces under Funnel Group, we can take big operational steps immediately. In addition, this collaboration also offers many new opportunities and possibilities for our clients, which we would not be able to achieve on our own so quickly. 

The cooperation between Leadgate Europe and Side&Kick is part of the buy and build strategy of Funnel Group, led by Hugo van Diepen: ‘Our goal is to continue providing our current and potential clients with the very best marketing solutions now and in the future. To achieve this ambition, we are constantly looking for complementary organisations that can strengthen our ability to offer the very best online marketing solutions. Through these collaborations, we accelerate our ability to continuously support organisations in IT, Tech, SaaS and B2B across the entire online spectrum on an international scale.’

Together, the owners of both companies will form the management team of Funnel Group, working together to contribute to the overall growth of Funnel Group, and as a complementary team of five, each using their own strengths. Jordi Lingen, managing director of Leadgate Europe, will also fulfill that role for Side&Kick. Leadgate Europe founder Sjors Teeuwen and Side&Kick founders Sophie Makker and Yorick Vingerhoets will work together to bring innovation, drive development, partnerships and overall growth of Funnel Group. Former managing director of Leadate Europe, Hugo van Diepen, will roll out the further buy & build strategy as partner within Funnel Group. 

About Leadgate Europe

Leadgate Europe is the data-driven online marketing agency with a full focus on IT, Tech and SaaS organisations. Our team of online marketing specialists has a background in IT and knows how to combine this knowledge with successful online marketing campaigns for your IT, Tech and SaaS company. Our goal is to make your online marketing more mature from our vision of making marketing more measurable better. We offer our online Marketing-as-a-Service subscriptions for a flat monthly fee, which includes a choice of various online marketing specialisations: marketing strategy, online advertising, website optimization, marketing automation, social selling automation and content marketing. 

About Side&Kick

Side&Kick offers Marketing-as-a-Service for B2B organisations. For a flat monthly fee, a team of marketers takes marketing activities off your hands or supports where needed. We offer an alternative to hiring a marketing agency or freelancer. We want to be the Marketing Sidekick, also known as the right-hand man in the industry, for your organisation, whether you have an in-house marketing department or not. With our Side&Kick formulas, you know exactly where you stand, whether you want to outsource just a few things or go full throttle, there is something for everyone. 

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