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Leadgate empowers you from the very first time the prospective customer sees your online advertising to way beyond the sales date. Leadgate helps you to be visible in the market, have the marketing tools that work and completely automate your marketing processes.

Online Advertising

Website Optimization

Marketing Automation

Where we believe in

Marketing as a Service

Leadgate believes that all marketing activities should be run “as-a-service”. In marketing it is crucial to translate business needs into clear value for money and make online customer behavior visible. The collection of customer behavior data gives you a better view on who your customer is and what they want. Leadgate uses this data to attract the customers you are looking for. Here is where new opportunities and value arise.

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An overall positive vibe around your brand

Marketing Automation does the trick

Marketing Automation is all about the power of perseverence. The collection of data and the specifically targeted use to direct customer behaviour can only be effective when working with a partner with industry specific knowledge. When you’re an IT company, Leadgate is your pick to manage these tools.

Pardot, 80%
SharpSpring, 95%
Marketo, 85%
Eloqua, 75%

A full spectrum of online marketing services

Optimize the Leadflow of your organization

Leadgate supports IT organizations in their complete Leadflow. Support starts with going over the overall marketing strategy, creation of the online advertising and lead generation. These leads will be nurtured by sending the right content to the right prospects at the right time enabled by data and marketing automation tooling in a constant improving process.


Online marketing needs the strong base of an overall marketing strategy in which Leadgate supports you.


Leadgate builds your SEA, helps you in your SEO and creates your online bannering in order to generate more website traffic.

Web Optimization

Leads are generated through website optimization and offering the right web content at the right time.

Content Marketing

Sending the right specific content to your prospects based on customer behavior data. Leadgate manages your content marketing.


Offer personal but automated content based on customer behavior data through the Leadgate Smart Marketing Engine.


Make your prospective not just warm, but make them hot for your brand. Leadgate shows you how to become hot.

Generate more Leads with Marketing Automation?

4 elements to drive online results

According to marketers the greatest benefit of using automation software is generating more leads. Here are the factors that strongly influence your results.

3 Co’s by Leadgate

Cooperation with Leadgate consists of creating communication with your audience, convert them into leads and conquer their hearts.

1. Communicate

2. Convert

3. Conquer

These organizations generate leads with Leadgate

IT is our business, We talk your talk

Leadgate focuses on IT organizations. Everyone working for Leadgate has an IT background, knows the market and has technological knowledge. Leadgate targets decision makers within the IT industry. If you target those people than Leadgate is your marketing partner.

Want to generate more leads?

Let’s meet and we’ll show you how

Why choose Leadgate?

We translate technique into powerful marketing

Leadgate combines the power of online marketing with its knowledge in IT. This makes us by far the best organization to work with when commercializing your technical solutions.

We know IT

All Leadgate employees have experience in IT and know how to combine marketing and technique.

A deal is a deal

All agreements are put on paper, we work punctual, do what we promise and don’t promise too much.

Know the customer journey

We understand the buying stages, discover your buyer persona and build your customer journey.

Make you beloved

We respond to what your customer wants by sending them the right content at the right time.

Gradual approach

You’ll get structual attention with your customers through a gradual approach


We communicate when, how and why we do certain things for you.
Automate your Marketing and create an ongoing Lead Machine

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