Online Marketing Internship Rotterdam (English speaker)

In order to honour our name Leadgate Europe we are looking for an intern who likes to see online marketing and lead generation as a sport. IT-organisations are your playing field and our marketing services are your tools to win.

Leadgate Europe offers Marketing as a Service for IT businesses. We close the gap of online marketing capabilities (and software) that might not be around in an IT business and offer them according to the specific needs and data at that moment at a solid monthly rate. Data coming from our self created online marketing funnel shows us which service supports IT sales the most and where our customers can be successful.

We offer marketing strategy, online advertising, content, website optimization, marketing automation and social selling automation services all operated by IT marketing specialists.

Your internship

Your internship is a very special one. As we’ve been very successful in The Netherlands we’re expanding further into Europe and you’re going to be the one who is a key player in this expansion. Together with our Director Europe you’re going to market customers in Europe in order to create subsidiaries in several European countries. 

During your internship you will learn all aspects of online marketing. You’re being guided by our operational team who will teach you what you need to know to create killing online campaigns and you’re going to run them too. By doing this you’ll create brand awareness and leads for both Leadgate in Europe and our European customers. Your internship runs from September 2021 until January 2022 (and hopefully longer as an employee).

Skills and experience

Leadgate offers you the possibility to learn much in a short amount of time about all aspects of online marketing whilst working at a fast growing and expanding business. What we would like to recognize in you: 

✔️ pleasant communication skills;

✔️ a great amount of ambition;

✔️ that IT is something that is interesting for you;

✔️ self-reliance and a touch of stubbornness;

✔️ that you’re studying in the range of commerce/marketing/communications/economics;

✔️ that you’re possibly an Erasmus student from abroad;

✔️ that your english is fluent in speaking and writing;

✔️ that you might speak and write german or french.

Leadgate has something special to offer 

The Leadgate Europe office is situated in the heart of port city Rotterdam and on the corner of the busiest bar street. From our office on the 14th floor you have an amazing 360 view over the city and all public transport possibilities are nearby.  

At Leadgate a lot of young (mostly dutch) people celebrate work and try to become better every day. We work and pleasure hard with and for our customers and try not to take ourselves too seriously…..seriously!

Ofcourse we will take care of a compensation for your internship, take care of your lunch, snacks, soda and occasional BBQ. If you’re lucky you might even join us for the yearly trip when we work abroad for a (sunny) week. When you’ve done your utmost best and have shown us you’re adding value to the team we like you to stay and (really) start working with us. 


If you like to learn a lot about online marketing and are eager to expand Leadgate (in)  Europe, please send your resume with a motivational letter to Sjors Teeuwen through