Marketing as a Service: the flexible approach your IT business needs

Achieve progressive growth by outsourcing your online marketing

Let's define the concept of Marketing as a Service
Marketing as a Service is a form of service whereby you get access to a complete external marketing team of specialists, supplied by an online marketing agency. You pay a fixed amount per month for this team similar to a subscription fee, depending on the number of services you require. This team effectively complements your current marketing department or can be your virtual remote marketing department. MaaS is especially beneficial for small to medium-sized companies and start-ups, as they often do not have the resources to employ a full marketing team. Additionally, online marketers are often specialized in one of the various fields (content marketing, online advertising, SEO, conversion optimization) or can be average in every field, lacking specialized knowledge. When you employ or hire only one online marketer who has a superficial knowledge of every field, your marketing campaigns may not run as effectively as they could if operated by specialists.

The 7 main advantages of Marketing as a Service

1. You receive tailored data-driven advice for your marketing and sales funnel
Often other online marketing agencies only respond to your most pressing needs, without performing a thorough analysis of what you really need. For example, if you want to rank higher in Google, the agency will give you SEO advice with underlying projects that they can carry out for X hours. However, when following the Marketing as a Service approach, the agency will look where your online marketing needs lie based on the current data of the marketing and sales funnels. Does your company not have enough visitors on its website? Then a focus on SEO is the right thing to do. Do you have many visitors but few leads? Then a focus on website optimization is more appropriate. The aim is to ensure that the lead flow from reaching to binding is as smooth as possible, resulting in higher conversion rates.

2. You always know exactly where you stand
The costs can never be higher than you expected by paying a fixed amount per month. No misunderstandings can arise, and you do not have to check your timesheets.

3. Your marketing activities stay consistent for a longer time
With Marketing as a Service, your own remote marketing department is guaranteed for at least a year or longer if you choose to renew your subscription. This allows your marketing activities to stay consistent for longer, as a long-term strategy backs them. Unlike with online marketing agencies that work on a project basis, where the focus is on a shorter timeframe and with only a specific goal in mind. On the other hand, when you hire your own marketing employee, the long-term focus can be compromised by the time spent looking for the perfect candidate, the time necessary to train them, and the fact that this process needs to be repeated every time an employee leaves for a better offer or is promoted to another position within your company.

4. You immediately have a professional marketing department
As a start-up or small to medium-sized business, you immediately have access to a professional marketing department when you partner with an online marketing agency based on the Marketing as a Service approach. The online marketing communications will look professional, making the company look better and more established. Potential and current customers will get a positive impression of your company as a result, which helps your business grow faster.

5. You can test new products or implement changes faster
For large companies that want to launch a new service, approach a new market or test a new advertising channel, Marketing as a Service can also be a solution. In this case, you don't want to hire a whole online marketing team right away, with the chance that something will fail or you will incur unnecessary costs. Instead, thanks to Marketing as a Service,
you have access to an entire marketing team that can immediately market your new service without diverting the focus of your current marketing team for a fixed monthly fee.

6. It's cheaper in the long run
In the short run, project-based agencies may seem more affordable, especially if you have a small project, but Marketing as a Service is cheaper in the long run. Marketing as a Service is actually more result-oriented because you can determine what your business needs in the long term, with specialists helping you achieve these goals step by step every month.

7. You receive a full spectrum of online marketing specialists
Not every online marketing specialist understands all fields, which means you miss out on expertise during projects. With Marketing as a Service, you get access to online marketers with different specialties who work closely together to integrate all the needed marketing activities synergetically.

Why is Marketing as a Service the perfect approach for IT companies?

  • Focus on data-driven growth
    Especially if you are a partner or reseller of Microsoft, Juniper, Cisco, or another well-known player, you want to be able to demonstrate your ROI on your marketing spend. An online marketing agency with a Marketing as a Service approach focuses on growing your business based on the data from your marketing and sales funnels.
  • Marketing specialists with IT knowledge
    It is difficult to find a marketing specialist with IT knowledge. Most online marketing agencies take a while to understand your business, so you have to deal with a longer start-up time. At Leadgate Europe we understand your business and we can start immediately with a strategic session, allowing you to brainstorm with marketing specialists that have been in the IT market for years.
  • Staying innovative by picking up new technologies quickly
    As an IT company, you want to remain innovative by picking up new technologies and offering them as a service or product. Such a new service or product can be brought to market faster with Marketing as a Service, as your remote marketing team is ready to get your campaigns ready faster.
  • What does Leadgate Europe offer you?
    Leadgate Europe believes in Marketing as a Service: all marketing activities should be callable as a service. That's why our services are flexible, in different configurations. This way our services can be tailored to your needs. You can choose which services you want to use and whether you need a single specialist or a complete marketing team. If you want an overview of our services click here.

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