Account based marketing (ABM) is a term that is very popular in the marketing world. But what is account based marketing and how can you use it in your organization?


Account based marketing is to target on a number of specific organizations. It is a strategy where important accounts be treated individually, by setting up a personalized marketing campaign per account and to make this active within your sales funnel. With account based marketing the content is based on specific attributes and needs of that specific account. It will give you a high return on investment within your B2B marketing strategy. By using tools that are optimized for these accounts, you can easily recognize prospects. These accounts will have more engagement with your organization with content that is personalized.

ABM is perhaps the most efficient way to bring sales and marketing together. The focus for both departments is to generate more revenue together.

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Feddo van der Molen, Specialized in Marketing for IT-organizations at Leadgate.