With the use of marketing automation you will generate more leads, you are constantly visible for your target group and you will save time and money. You can start using marketing automation software like Act-on, Hubspot, Pardot, Marketo, Eloqua or Sharpspring, but at Leadgate we believe that marketing automation is more than just software.


Of course you need knowledge and experience to implement marketing automation successfully. A lot of organizations are making the mistake to only buy the software, but marketing automation is more than that:

  • The long term strategy has to link with the goals of your organization
  • Start with a buyer persona strategy
  • Develop a suitable lead nurturing strategy
  • Create a lead scoring model that fits for your organization with CRM integration
  • Email marketing in combination with automated workflows are important
  • You need to create relevant content within these workflows

All these factors can only be successful with a partner that has industry specific knowledge. Leadgate is the marketing automation specialist for IT organizations.

Our specialists will get the best online results for your IT organization. Do you want to know more about marketing automation and how Leadgate can help your organization with the implementation? Contact us.


Feddo van der Molen, Specialized in Marketing for IT-organizations at Leadgate.