Do you want more traffic to your website? More relevant visitors? With website optimization, also called search engine optimization (SEO), you improve the quality of your website and get better results in Google. Leadgate ensures the best organic results, with an appropriate content strategy to drive business goals.


Search engine optimi​zation

Search engine optimization will ensure that your website will be indexed by search engines. Leadgate helps your IT organization with website optimization and our goal is to reach new potential customers. We will realize a high ranking score in the organic search results with relevant keywords. This will improve the online exposure of your organization and improve the quality of traffic to your website.

The visitors should easily find relevant content and request for information on your website to become a qualified lead for your organization. Because good content is one of the most important Google ranking factors, we will analyze the content on your website regularly. 

A/B Testing

To get more insights of what works and what does not work well, Leadgate works with A/B testing. The original and the new landing page will be compared with each other, to generate more qualified leads and to increase the conversion ratio. A/B testing is an important factor of website optimization and will improve the performance of your website.


We will use A/B testing with the following steps:

  • Testing and experimenting
  • Landingpage analysis
  • Analytics en reports
  • Personalization and targeting 

Livechat integration

It is becoming more and more important for organizations to interact with their customers or visitors. With LiveChat you will get in touch with your target group and point them in the right direction. Leadgate will advise your organization how to generate leads from LiveChat. 

Our specialists will get the best online results for your IT organization. Do you want to know more about website optimization and how Leadgate can help your organization with online lead generation? Contact us!


Feddo van der Molen, Specialized in Marketing for IT-organizations at Leadgate.