We work with a data driven strategy and with a structural planning. Data flows through our blood and we think about strategic solutions to achieve your business goals.


How do we start?

  1. In the first sessions, we will focus on the objectives of your organization, target groups, customer types, events and marketing plan. 
  2. We will get to know you better and will work out Buyer Personas and their Customer journeys. The theory of the Golden Triangle, which focuses on industry approaches, themes and services/products, is our starting point.
  3. Then we will expand the marketing calendar with the content calendar and plan the activities over time.

The Golden Triangle and market orientation 

Leadgate will focus on market orientation in combination with the Golden Triangle. From this Golden Triangle we focus on online conversion and we will look at industry approaches, your solutions, themes and services/products.

Buyer Persona creation

Sending the right content to the right audience will increase the open ratio of your emails, your website usability and you can direct leads in their buyer journey. For example, when a buyer persona is browsing your website, you can send targeted content or ask specific questions. Leadgate will take a look at the buyer persona of your IT organization to get to know your customers better. This is how we can send the right content on the right time, based on the needs of your audience.

Customer journey and content grid

Every customer has walked his own online journey when he buys your product or service. We will use a content grid to give insights in what content is available in the different stages. The right content will satisfy the needs in different stages of the customer journey. Hereby you will create content with the right purpose. 

Content marketing calendar

After creating the right content, it is time to make a content calendar. With this content calendar you can decide when the emails will be send, setup the drip campaigns and what content needs attention.

Leadgate smart marketing engine

With the Leadgate Smart Marketing Engine, we are able to automate and re-feed a full leadflow. These leads will be nurtured by sending the right content (mailing, news, blogs) in a constant optimizing process through our marketing automation platform, which we specifically provide for you (or through your own platform). By tracking and analyzing the data, we try to improve and optimize our activities and provide feedback for improvement. This is a continuous process.


Leadgate will report monthly to your IT organization with the highlights, activities, planning and results. You will get real time insights in all the results we realize through all the channels.

Our service is an iterative process in which we analyze, implement and improve. Marketing strategy and planning is part of marketing-as-a-service.

Our specialists will get the best online results for your IT organization. Do you want to know more about marketing strategy and planning and how Leadgate can help your organization with online lead generation? Contact us!


Feddo van der Molen, Online marketing specialist for IT-organisations at Leadgate.