Every single minute, there are more than 200 million articles produced of online content. But how will your organisation stand out? Leadgate writes valuable content for your IT organisation. We send content to your potential customers based on strong data and we help your organization with a strong content marketing strategy.



What is content marketing? ​

Content marketing is a process with the focus on creating valuable content in the customer journey of your visitors and turn them into action. From strong e-mails to blogs, content marketing contribute to the online success of your organization. 

Lead generation with content marketing

We have a lot of experience in writing good content and we speak your language. There is no complexibility for us and we make sure your expertise will be read. Based on strong data Leadgate will publish the content on the right moment, with the focus on generating quality leads. 

Why is content marketing so important? 

For every organization content is important, but especially in the IT industry. New and potential customers will profit from your knowledge and expertise, and it will increase the findability and usability of your website. To generate high quality leads, you must work with a good content distribution. 

A good content marketing strategy helps your organization with:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Build on a long term relationship with your audience
  • Online usability and findability of your website 
  • Increasing conversions
  • Generate higher quality leads

Content planning

Leadgate helps your IT organization with a content marketing strategy and takes care of a suitable content planning. For marketing teams there is more than just one initiative, so with an organized content planning you will achieve marketing goals quicker. 

Our specialists will get the best online results for your IT organization. Do you want to know more about content marketing and how Leadgate can help your organization with online lead generation? Contact us!


Feddo van der Molen, Specialized in Marketing for IT-organizations at Leadgate.