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Working at Leadgate means being part of the largest online marketing team for the IT market, with the aim of continuously improving the online marketing of our customers. Leadgate has a unique corporate culture that is young, informal, open and challenging. In addition there is a lot of freedom. For example there is the possibility to come to the office in shorts, and we do not have a hard limit to the number of vacation days that you can take. We breathe IT, get excited about zeros and ones and we know the difference between a switch and a router. We understand your business, so we can immediately start generating more traffic, better insights and more leads.

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What makes a specialist from Leadgate Europe?

Our culture


Leadgate is a team full of young, enthusiastic people. Age is not counted in years. We believe that being young has much more to do with personality. The Leadgate employee is enthusiastic, has a positive attitude towards life and thinks in solutions. That is what we mean by a young culture. We think it’s important to stay young, because this is necessary to stay ‘on top of the game’ in the dynamic online marketing world that is constantly on the move.


Your work is a big part of your life. That is why we think it is important to make the time valuable you spend on working. An informal, pleasant atmosphere is important to us. That is why we attach great importance to team drinks and dinners, we regularly play a game of FIFA and we shoot each other with Nerf guns.


Leadgate does not work with managers: all managers within Leadgate are present on the work floor. As a result, they have a good connection with the team. For example, the owner is happy to participate in making bad jokes and holding Nerf gun battles, or it can happen that you form a team with the ‘managing’ director in the Leadgate table football tournament.


Of course we do more than just makeing fun, we also need to work. At Leadgate there is a challenging culture, where the team is encouraged to come up with their own input and ideas. Leadgate is growing rapidly and that is why it is important that you see responsibilities at Leadgate and dare to take them. A touch of self-reliance and initiative comes in handy here. There is also a lot of room to grow, as a person and as a professional.

What benefits does working via Leadgate Europe offers?

Working at Leadgate Europe means

Unlimited vacation days

Free lunch

View of the skyline of Rotterdam

Table football

You can come to the office in your shorts

… and a lot more!

What do we stand for at Leadgate Europe?

Our core values

Happy people

We want to be happy with every collaboration, action, campaign or even mailing. If it doesn’t make everyone ‘Happy’, we just don’t do it.

Better every day

The data we collect shows us that we get the best results over time by striving to do our job a little better every day.

Do good

We will never give our customers a certain advise so we could make a lot of money, without improving the customer’s business or at the expense of others. Do good to do good!

Let’s do it

“Let’s do it" is what someone from Leadgate Europe will answer when you have a question or problem. We are doers and think problem solving.

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